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Troyi is one of the most exciting young upcoming female DJs in Hong Kong. A Hong Kong-British nationality holder, she was a music fanatic in her childhood years has remained since. The enormous amount of talent and potential in music has prompted her to further learn more into music: including music production; which in-turn developed her interest in being a DJ.

Troyi made her first steps into the DJ industry during her university years in Australia. Only using ONE year of self-learning, she evolved into one of the most sought-after talents, and DJ for the following great parties and places:

Having since relocated back to Hong Kong, Troyi vows to continue her DJ career and bring in THE NEW ULTIMATE ‘FANTASTIC’ PARTY EXPERIENCE through the mix of her hardcore music dedication and flawless techniques developed during her overseas exposure that generates the ability of seducing the whole crowd. 

◤I was born with music inside me. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene, it was a necessity for me◢

Troyi是一位英國籍香港Electro/ Dutch/ Mashup DJ。她是一位狂熱的音樂愛好者, 从小培养对各种音乐的热情。富有音樂天賦和潛力,促使她進一步了解音樂:包括音樂製作,启发她对DJ的興趣。

2010年在澳大利亞大學裡念音乐制作,她接触到电子音乐让她对DJ感到很大的兴趣。她只用一年自學,演變成了昆士蘭州最搶手的DJ。在昆士蘭州担任KLUB KANDY公司的駐場DJ,并于布里斯本最大型的夜店表演,

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